How to Detail the Exterior of Your Car 

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A proper car detailing doesn’t only involve cleaning, washing and wiping. When you do car detailing, every part of the car should be cleaned to make it look like the way it did when you first bought it. So the cleaning process involves cleaning the interior and then the exterior. In this article, we will show you how exterior detailing Hawaii is done. You can do this the DIY way, so don’t worry.  


Step 1 

The first step when cleaning the exterior of your car is washing the entire exterior surface. Prepare the car to be washed. Get the bucket and fill it with water. Read the instructions on the soap’s label before you add the car wash soap. Soak the car wash mitt. If there are spots that have been building up in your vehicle; spray it with bug and tar remover. Let it sit for few minutes before you proceed with the rinsing.  

Step 2 

Use the high-pressure hose to wash the entire exterior of the car. The hose will remove the grime and dirt. If you plan on opening the hood, make sure every electronic is covered in plastic bags. Spray the underside of the vehicle and the wheel wells. Start spraying on the car’s top and work your way down.  

Step 3 

Next, begin scrubbing the wheels. Apply the wheel cleaner, and make sure you use the safe one. There are particular wheel cleaner that works best with a particular wheel material. Don’t miss any spot while cleaning the wheels. Do this one at a time so you don’t have to go back. Let the cleaning spray sit for 30 seconds so it will effectively remove the grime and dust. Wash the sides of the wheel using a wheel brush. After that, rinse the wheel. Rinse well until you don’t see any foamy water or soap.  

Step 4 

The next thing to do is applying the tire dressing into the tires. Make sure the tire is dry. Use a separate cloth when doing this. Spray the tire dressing into the applicator pad and wipe it on the tires. This will leave the tires looking clean and shiny. Make sure that you let it dry before you use the vehicle again.  

Step 5 

It’s now time to clean the car’s engine components. Use a degreaser when cleaning the grimy components under the car’s hood. Once the cleaner has soaked in, blast the dirt off with a hose. Repeat if necessary until the engine bay is totally clean. The rubber parts should be applied with rubber protectant so keep them flexible and soft.  

Step 6 

Get your wash mitt and scrub the exterior of your car. Scrub the panel one by one. Make sure you completely clean the window or panel before you move with the next one. All of the car body parts should be cleaned and scrubbed, especially the parts where the grime and brake dust are building up. Rinse the exterior thoroughly.  

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